Kitchen Table Affirmative Action®

"Kitchen table affirmative action" is social consciousness. It is collective self help. It is the mobilization of social and business cooperation --- social and fiscal capital --- in the cause of bettering our businesses, our families, and our African American communities. We emphatically believe that self-help starts with helping each other --- looking out for each other, doing business with each other, amicably resolving disputes and working to uplift all of our people.
The term "affirmative action" was originally coined to denote public policies which took positive or "affirmative" action to remedy pre-existing conditions of want, deprivation and lack of opportunity in our black communities. While public policies of affirmative action will remain vitally necessary for some time to come, we are also obligated to take private, small scale and collective affirmative actions in our own lives, around our kitchen tables with the conscious aim of remedying the social, economic and spiritual state of affairs in our African American communities.
The OvergroundRR!!® exists to promote kitchen table affirmative action, to advance the historic mission of the African American business community and the Black Church. Our objective is to mobilize and expand the vast stores of social capital, of of mutual self-help and cooperation that have been nurtured and built up by the Black Church to the benefit of our communities.
The financial security of any community is determined by the financial strength of that community's businesses. Use this KTAA Assessment Form to assess and assist in you personally practicing KTAA. Take part in obtaining economic freedom for our community.
Register online (below), or download the registration form and e-mail to or fax it to (404) 228-3600.


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  • Kitchen Table Affirmative Action Assessment

    KTAA Form Instructions: Column 2 - Next to the type of business or service, enter the name of the black-owned business you use in Column 1. In Column 3 - indicate whether it is a member of the OvergroundRR!!® If you are uncertain, you can look them up in our online directory. Column 4 - Answer Yes or No if you would recommend the business. Column 5: Give yourself a score of “1” if the business you listed is a black-owned business. Congratulations you practiced KTAA. Your score is a “0” if the business listed is not a black-owned business.